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Thai Immigration Bureau Division - Info

This page and map were compiled using information from here, here and here plus of course Google search! Also from experience this information was seen as essential for the expat resident as well as for thos just wishing to extend their visa as a tourist!
Bear in mind that the Thai Immigration rules are always changing and are thus difficult to list here so: Offical Thai Government information obtainable from here and here

For those who already have a visa the 90 day report used to have to be done in person or using a proxy but this can now be done online - bear in mind though that there have been problems with the online system!

In general, being a government office the opening times are Monday-Friday 08:30-12:00, 13:00-16:30 (this may vary especially with the smaller offices!) and CLOSED on Public Holidays - see here The Immigration Bureau Division Helplne is 1178 or 0-2287-3101 to 10 - see here

Something to consider - when going to the bureau (even at an airport), avoid wearing a vest if you are a man, dressing smart/casual, greet the people with a smile and a sawasdee kab(m)/ka(f) and a waai (the traditional Thai praying hands greeting!)! Being pleasant and polite goes along way here especially considering that these people have to deal with many scruffy, impolite assholes 😉 during their working day!

Thai visas can also of course be obtained in your own country or in the Thai Embassies in surrounding countries:- Note that there are many different visa types/durations and some countries require the provision of 1-3 passport photos when obtaining an entry visa!

Please note also that more details such as contact details, websites etc. will be added over time! Those learning Thai (or another language) might be interested in some free Android apps I've written - see here and here!
To cover costs, expenses etc. interested parties (immigration/visa bureaus, travel organizations, restaurants, pubs etc etc) wishing to sponsorship or to advertise here are invited to contact/request info using the form below - thank you!

For legal services, advice etc please click here.

For feedback, suggestions etc please click here

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Also see TH TH-IBD
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