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Be Mine are herbal capsules for men to promote sexual prowess


Do you know what the biggest problem of men is?

Find Exit by Yourself”

We are proud to see health

Be Mine Capsule Ingredients

Contains 4 Capsules, Net content 2.35 g.

Be Mine is a Dietary Supplement product that uses tried and tested herbal ingredients  from both, Thailand and China - more than 30 herbal ingredients.

Action and Use: Be Mine is a food supplement that encourages the liver, lungs kidney and heart hypodermic agents cure backache, Erectile Dysfunction (ED) or Premature Ejaculation (PE). Lengthens ejaculation time.

Be Mine is appropriated to someone who is ED because of:

  1. Take phyto-pharmaceuticals to cure diabetes disease because of side effects to kidneys.

  2. Phyto-pharmaceuticals for anti-hypertensive causes ED.

Important Features:

In general, when one has sexual intercourse, there is loss of energy. Tiredness, backache and waist ache, and waist ache are common factors. But taking just one capsule of “Be Mine” 1 hour before activity, all these symptoms disappear and one remains active and healthy

Dosage: 1 capsule, 1 hour before sexual activity.

Basis Herb ingredients and effect

 Angelica Sinensis

Action and Use:

Encourages the liver, kidney, heart, and lungs to work well, cures menopause symptoms & high Blood pressure. It maintains blood flow and heartrate and improves liver function.

 Glycyrrhiza glabra

Action and Use: Peptic ulcer analgesic cures veins and very dry skin. It helps digestive system. It reduces cholesterol in blood & Cures varicose veins. Soothes and moisturizes skin

 Astragalus membranaceus

Action and Use: Encourages the heart, blood, cardiovascular system, and Immune system in physical: diuretic: diability therapy. Helps heart and cardiovascular system (which causes Alzheimer). Strenghtens the immune function.

 Cordyceps Sinensis

Action and Use: Cordycaps are wonderful worm grasses. They’re worms in the summer and and grow up to be worm grasses in the winter. These are hard to find. Their quantifications are encouraging anabatic hormone prolong life, tonic tales cold affect, cure ED. Self laceration : fallgued knees, waist: effect to expand blood vassal encourage the heart blood vessel lungs, and immune to control sugar and cholesterol in physical .Anti-aging and longevity. Improve activity of brain. Red blood cells and live. Stimulate immune system

 Chrysanthemum Indicum Linn

Action and Use: High blood pressure protection. Potent in preventing Neurosis such as Parkinson syndrome. Reduces LDL cholesterol. Improves vision. Good for liver.

 Lycium barbarum

Action and Use:

 Salvia miltiorrhiza bunge

Action and Use:

 Dioscorea opposite

Action and Use:

 Cistanche Salsa

Action and Use: Encourages kidney and sight: prevents osteoporosis, cures EP aches and pains.

Cost:   €40 per box of 4 capsules (discounts for volume orders, postage extra)

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